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Russian-Dutch cooperation on water management 1991-2006 : overview of products on the occasion of the Russian-Dutch conference, September 2007, Moscow = Rossijsko-gollandskoe sotrudnicestvo v odpasti upravlenija vodnymi resursami 1991-2006 : odzor rezultatov sotrudnicestvo po slucaju provedenija rossijsco-gollandskoj konferencij, Sentjadr 2007, Moskva

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W. Oosterberg; A. bij de Vaate; G. Menting; M. van Eerden; B. Ottow



In 1991, a Memorandum of Understanding MoU on Environmental Cooperation was signed between The Netherlands Government and the USSR Government. RIZA implemented the MoU programmes and projects. Its partnership with RosNIIVKh in Ekaterinburg has been the backbone for the co-operation. From the beginning of the partnership there have been three lines of co-operation: work on macro invertebrate communities as indicators of the ecological health of rivers; work on integrated water management planning in the Tura river basin; and studies on water economics and standards for surface water quality. This report shows and describes the products and achievements of the co-operation. It mentions the various different institutions and organisations, which contributed to these products and achievements.



87 p.
Text in English and Russian
On behalf of Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Institute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment = Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat, Rijksinstituut voor Integraal Zoetwaterbeheer en Afvalwaterbehandeling (RWS, RIZA)

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