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Scientific strategy document - November 2006

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Ministery of Transportation and Waterworks, Road and Hydraulic Engineering Division of Rijkswaterstaat, Noise Innovation Programme = Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat, Rijkswaterstaat, Dienst Weg- en Waterbouwkunde (RWS, DWW), Innovatie Programma Geluid (IPG); Phil Morgan : FEHRL



To provide the Noise Innovation Programme (IPG) with an auditing and advisory function, for the purposes of ensuring high quality and relevant research, a Scientific Board has been organised which is comprised of experts from national road research institutes throughout Europe. This report has been prepared to facilitate the discussions of the fifth meeting of the Board by providing details of the background to the IPG programme, details of the scientific strategy used to define the work programme within the individual project clusters, an overview of work carried out to date and an outline of the work programme for the period following the meeting of the Board. The final chapter summarises the views and comments expressed by the members of the Scientific Board at the meeting in November 2006 and the corresponding responses/actions by the IPG project team.



282 p.
App., ill.
DWW publicatienr. DWW-2007-001
IPG = Innovatie Programma Geluid ; project name IPG 1.1.4 Scientific Board
Department in commission: Road and Hydraulic Engineering Division of Rijkswaterstaat ; programme manager IPG: J.R.P. Nijland
By order of Rijkswaterstaat, DGP & VROM

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