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Underground freight transport - a challenge for the future : progress report with the policy paper on the future possibilities of underground transport and tube systems (UTTS)

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Interdepartmental Underground Transport Task Force (IUTTF); foreword F.J.P. Heuer



Interim report providing information necessary to make policy choices in 1999 in the domain of underground transport of goods through tube systems, for traffic and transport, the economy and regional planning. Proposes to intensify the research programme and the dialogues with involved parties. Emphasises the importance of carrying out pilot projects to provide answers to a number of practical and enquiry questions. The communication regarding the (im)possibilities and the pros and cons of UTTS must be intensified.



20 p.
The Interdepartmental Underground Transport Task Force is formed by Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment

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