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795(19) Navigational guidance and information scheme for ro-ro ferry operations
Geldigheid:23-11-1995 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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RECALLING Article 15(j) of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization concerning the functions of the Assembly in relation to regulations and guidelines concerning maritime safety and the prevention and control of marine pollution from ships,

DEPLORING the tragic loss in recent Years Of ro-ro Passenger ferries Which Capsized With heavy loss of life,

NOTING that the Maritime Safety Committee decided, at its sixty-fourth session, to establish a Panel of Experts to carry out a thorough review of the safety of ro-ro passenger ships on a priority basis,

RECOGNIZING the important role the human element can play in the prevention of accidents to ro-ro passenger ships, and that the safety of navigation of such ships will be greatly enhanced by supporting navigational guidance and information schemes,

RECOGNIZING ALSO that a major improvement in the safety of ferry traffic will be achieved when not only masters, officers, ratings and other personnel on board but also those working in shipping companies, shipyards and ports observe the pertinent technical requirements, both constructional and operational,

RECOGNIZING FURTHER that improvement in the safety of ferry traffic will be achieved when their operators, together with relevant authorities and organizations, support such ships by navigational guidance and information so that their masters are in a position to conduct their passage in a safe manner,

HAVING CONSIDERED the recommendation made by the Subcommittee on Safety of Navigation at its forty- first session:

1. ADOPTS the Recommendation for Navigational Guidance and Information Scheme for Ro-Ro Ferry Operations set out in the annex to the present resolution;

2. RECOMMENDS that Governments should encourage feral operators to use such schemes, where appropriate, and that the schemes should include use of existing governmental and other relevant services.

Annex Navigational guidance and information scheme for ro-ro ferry operations

1      Shore-based navigational guidance and information schemes should support masters of ro-ro passenger ships in the conduct of safe passages, when sailing on particular ferry routes where such schemes are in use. Such schemes should be operated on the basis of existing maritime services, marine meteorological services, ice patrols and hydrographic services, by bringing together the different services in a consolidated form.

2      These navigational guidance and information schemes should continually monitor the prevailing weather conditions, the seaway, the ice situation, the traffic situation, and other navigational hazards along the particular ferry routes, and should make the information so gathered available, at regular intervals, to the masters of ro-ro passenger ships sailing on these routes.

3      In bad weather and/or adverse ice and seaway conditions, the ro-ro passenger ships should be assisted by navigational information and warnings. The responsibility of the master concerning his command of the ro-ro passenger ship remains unaffected. In the event of extraordinary circumstances and in emergencies, information concerning such events should be transmitted to the appropriate Rescue Co-ordination Centres (RCC) so that appropriate action can be initiated without delay.

4      The ferry operator and the Authority or the Authorities concerned, if two or more countries are involved, should develop a joint plan for the different ferry routes in consultation with the services involved.

5      The master of a ro-ro passenger ship should report the following particulars at departure:
    - name of ship and distinctive number or letters
    - port of departure and port of destination
    - sailing plan, as far as practicable
    - time of departure and estimated time of arrival
    - total number of persons carried aboard. 6      During the passage, the master of a ro-ro passenger ship should comply with the reporting requirements established in the area of his ship's operations.

    7      When at sea, the master of a ro-ro passenger ship should participate in the navigational guidance and information scheme unless there are compelling reasons not to use the scheme. Any such reason should be recorded in the ship's log. The master should take account of the information, advice and warnings provided.
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