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SLS.14/Circ.1 Record of Approved equipment
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Record of approved cargo ship safety equipment

  1. The Maritime Safety Committee at its forty-second session received a model form of a Record of Approved Cargo Ship Safety Equipment adopted by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) shown overleaf to this note.

  2. The document will be completed by member Societies of IACS when the Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate of the 1974 SOLAS Convention will be issued for the first time following the initial survey by that Society of new and existing cargo ships and of cargo ships transferring register.

  3. The document is to be permanently kept on board and kept up to date for use at subsequent surveys for renewal and as a reference for ships' personnel in maintaining equipment.

  4. The Committee agreed that such document would be very useful and also encouraged Contracting Governments to the 1974 SOLAS Convention which have not authorized IACS Member Societies as agents to use the form of record and to place completed forms on board the ship. This would be of assistance not only at subsequent surveys but also as a reference for port states exercising control of ships. The Committee expressed the hope that eventually all cargo ships under the 1974 SOLAS Convention would have such records on board.


1 Documentation

 1.1Fire control plans (Ch. II.2, Reg.4)
To be in the national language. If the language is neither English nor French, a translation into one of these lanuages to be included.

Up-to-date plans permanently exhibited? ___________ In what language? ___________


 1.2Muster list and emergency procedures (Ch.III, Reg.25)  

Muster list including manning of fire parties and emergency procedures in a language understood by the ships complement and posted in several parts of the ship, particularly in the crews quarters.


 1.3Nautical publications (Ch.V, Reg.20) 

Adequate and up-to-date charts, sailing directions, litst of lights, notices to mariners, tide tables and all other nautical publications necessary for the intended voyage to the masters satisfaction.


 1.4International code of signals (Ch.V, Reg.21) 

Copy of current edition provided



2.Safety of navigation 
 2.1Shipborne navigational equipment (Ch.V, Reg. 12 & 19) 

Gyro Compass fitted in addition to the magnetic compass


Echo-Sounding Device fitted


Auto-Pilot fitted

Where an automatic pilot is fitted, clear instructions ar eprovided at the control consul on changeover procedures from automatic to manual steering and vice versa.



Steering gear simple operating instructions with a block diagram showing the change-over procedures for remote steering gear control systems and steering gear power units permanently displayed on the navigating bridge and in the steering gear compartment.

 2.2Navigation lights 

Application of the revised collision regulations, 1972 (Where two masthead lights carried)
Following information may be provided from plans if available:

Horizontal distance in metres

  1. Foremast light ... of stern
  2. Between foremast and mainmast lights

Vertical height is metres above waterline in lightest ballast condition:

  1. Formast light
  2. Mainmast light

Vertical height is metres above uppermast continuous deck:

  1. Sidelights
  2. Formast light
  3. Mainmast light
 2.3Navigation lights (Revised collision Regs. 1972) 


 OilElec. Miles Range Duplex tape

Fore Masthead


Main Masthead


Port side


Starboard side






Anchor (1)


Anchor (2)


NUC (1)


NUC (2)




Sidelights fitted with inboard screens painted matt black


 2.4Signalling apparatus (Ch.V, Reg. 11 and Revised Collision Regs. 1972
  ApparatusNo.   DescriptionLocation

Daylight signalling lamp and source of ....


Forecastle Bell




Ship's Whistle


3 black ball shapes


1 black diamond shape


3.Life-Saving appliances 
 3.1Rockets and Signals (Ch.III, Reg. 23.24) 










Line throwing appliances with 4 rockets and lines




12 parachutes distress signals



Portable radio apparatus for survival craft (Ch.III, Reg.13)



Make type and serial No.

Where located


Set 1


Set 2


Set 3



Indicate superstructures and positions of lifeboats and liferafts. Indicate M or MP boats lifeboats numbered from forward, odd numbers starboard, even numbers port.


  3.4 Lifeboats (Ch.III, Reg. 5,6,7,8,9,10,35)


No.1 (s.s.f)

No.2 (p.s.f)

No.3 (s.s.a)

No.4 (s.s.f)


(No. of persons)


Dims (m/ft)


Dims (m/ft)


Dims (m/ft)


Type and Material


Cub capacity (m3/ft3)




Approved by



 3.5 Lifeboats equipment (Ch.III, Reg. 11,12)

 Boat number

  Each lifeboat is equipped as follows:





  3.5.1Number of persons the boat is certfied to carry    

Indicate boats motor (M) or mech. propelled (MP)


Number of rowing thwarts


Rowing Oar: 1 to each rowing thwart (half for M and MP boats, four minimum)


Rowing Oars: 2 spare (not required for M and MP boats


Steering Oar: 1 with white painted blade


Crutches or equivalent (2 for each rowing thwart plus 50% spares)


Plugs (2 for each plug hole with chain attachment) or


Automatic yalves in lieu


Rudder (attached (with .....


Lifeline .....


Bilge keel or rails (.....)




Bilge pumt  manually operated (1)


Locker for small items of equipment


Painters 1 secured to stern. 1 secured forward with strop and toggle


Light ..... heaving lines (2)


Boat hook (2 for M and MP boats)


Mast with ..... wire ..... and orange sails (not required for M and MP boats) 


Cover highly visible for protecting occupants


Food ration per person of ..... type in airtight





































































  3.6Davits and winches (Ch. III, Reg. 35)







Annex Record of cargo ship safety equipment

Record of approved
Cargo Ship Safety Equipment

To meet the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974

This form must be kept on baord and be available for inspection by a nominated surveyor or recognised organisation at all times.

Name of ship

Signal Letters

Nationality and Port Registry

Gross Tonnage

Date Keel Laid






Previous Name and Nationality


Names or any known Sister Ships



Yard No.

Identification No.



Type of Ship

Name and Address of Owners, Managers or Managing Agents

Length of Ship






    The total numer of persons provided for by life saving appliances is


       and no more, viz:-

lifeboats on port side capable of accommodating



lifeboats on starboard side capable of accommodating



motor lifeboats (included in the total lifeboats shown above)


mechanically propelled lifeboats (included in the total lifeboats shown above)


liferafts {for which approved launching devices are regquired} capable of acommodating


persons (excluding any liferaft forward)

liferafts {for which approved launching devices are NOT regquired} capable of acommodating


persons (excluding any liferaft forward)

liferaft stowed forward capable of accommodating








Note: It will be sufficient to indicate the year in which the keel was laid or when the ship was at a similar stage of construction except ...,... and ...  in which cases the actual date ... be given.

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