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SLS.14/Circ.069 Life-saving appliances
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Ref. T2/2.08



Equivalent arrangements accepted under regulation I/5

Life Saving Appliances

Statement by the Government of the Netherlands

The Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization has the honour to transmit herewith the text of a statement by the Government of the Netherlands under the provisions of Regulation I/5 of the above Convention.

The Secretary-General would be grateful if steps could be taken to bring this information to the attention of the appropriate authorities.

Statement by the Government of the Netherlands

Regulation III/7.2.1 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 as amended requires that a lifejacket shall be provided for every person on board the ship.

Regulation III/27.3.3 requires that immersion suits shall be provided for every person on board a cargo ship complying with regulation III/26.1.3; however certain exceptions are made.

Regulation III/33.1.2 allows immersion suits, which also comply with the requirements of lifejackets, to be classified as lifejackets.

Consequently, the indicated regulations require in certain cases a lifejacket as well as an immersion suit for every person on board cargo ships.

The Government of the Netherlands has decided to consider immersion suits for approval only when:

  1. they have inherent buoyancy and are designed to be worn without a lifejacket;

  • they comply with the thermal performance requirments of regulation III/33.2.2 and III/33.2.3;

  • they comply with the requirements for life-jackets as mentioned in regulation III/32.1, regardless the requirements regarding buoyancy and stability of a lifejacket as mentioned in regulation III/32.1.3
Therefore the Netherlands regards immersion suits approved by her as adequate to be provided in lieu of approved lifejackets and accepts this view as an equivalent arrangement under the provisions of regulation I/5 of the above Convention.

The requirements of regulation III/7.2.1 regarding additional lifejackets for children, persons on watch and for use at remotely located survival craft stations shall apply at all times.

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