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1240 Unified interpretations of the international code for FSS Code
Geldigheid:30-10-2007 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Unified interpretations of the international code for Fire Safety Systems (FSS Code)

  1. The Maritime Safety Committee, at its eighty-third session (3 to 12 October 2007), with a
    view to providing more specific guidance for application of the relevant requirements of chapter 5 of  the International Code for Fire Safety Systems (FSS Code), approved the unified interpretation of the FSS  Code, prepared by the Sub-Committee on Fire Protection, at its  fifty-first session (5 to 9 February 2007), as set out in the annex.

  2. Member Governments are invited to use the annexed unified interpretation as guidance when
    applying relevant provisios of chapter 5 of the FSS Code for ships constructed on or after 5 October 2007 and to bring the unified interpretation to the attention of all parties concerned.


Paragraph - Storage of fire-extinguishing media forward the cargo holds

  1. Fire-extinguishing  media  protecting  the cargo holds may be stored in a room located
    forward the cargo holds, but aft of the collision bulkhead or aft its imaginary vertical line, provided that both the local manual release mechanism and remote control(s) for the release of the media are fitted, and that the latter is of robust construction or so protected as to remain operable in case of fire in the protected spaces. The remote controls should be placed in the
    accommodation area in order to facilitate their ready accessibility by the crew. The capability to release different quantities of fire-extinguishing media into different cargo holds so protected should be included in the remote release arrangement.
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