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966 IACS unified interpretation of "prototype test" (Emergency Towing Arrangements on Tankers)
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1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its seventy-second session (17 to 26 May 2000), having considered a recommendation made by the Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Equipment (DE) at its forty-second session, agreed that IACS Unified Interpretation regarding the prototype test provided in the Guidelines for emergency towing arrangements on tankers (resolution MSC.35(63)) should be disseminated among Administrations in order to ensure uniformity in the application of the said Guidelines under SOLAS regulation II-1/3-4 - Emergency towing arrangements on tankers.

2 Member Governments are recommended to apply the attached IACS Unified Interpretation when implementing SOLAS regulation II-1/3-4, as appropriate.

Annex IACS Unified interpretation - SC 113 Emergency Towing Arrangements on Tankers - Prototype Test

Text of paragraph 2.10 of the Guidelines for emergency towing arrangements on tankers (resolution MSC.35(63)):

"2.10 Prototype test

Designs of emergency towing arrangements in accordance with these Guidelines should be prototype tested to the satisfaction of the Administration".


Towing arrangements may be (1) a packaged self contained unit, or (2) a unit comprised of individually tested components assembled on board the vessel.

Both arrangements should meet the specified strength requirements and undergo a deployment test on board the vessel as required by resolution MSC.35(63).

Fixed gear such as strong points, fairleads, foundations and associated vessel supporting structure are to be demonstrated as adequate for the loads imposed by means of a submitted engineering analysis or calculations.

If the structural configuration is of a particularly complex or novel nature, such that its load bearing adequacy cannot be satisfactorily determined by engineering analysis, suitable proof test will be required.

Articles of loose gear such as chains, towing pennants and associated end fittings, and shackles or other connecting links should be tested to the requirements of the Classification Society concerned.

Where a manufacturer requests a certificate of type approval for a complete self-contained arrangement, one assembled unit is additionally to undergo a test to 2 x SWL.
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