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813 UI to MARPOL Annex VI - Identical replacement engines
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Unified interpretation to MARPOL Annex VI 

Identical replacement engines

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Ingangsdatum: 10-06-2013

Unified interpretation to MARPOL Annex VI 

Identical replacement engines

  dd-mm-yyyy = Entry into force


Ingangsdatum: 10-06-2013

Regulation 13
Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

Regulation reads as follows:

".2 each marine diesel engine with a power output of more than 130 kW which undergoes a major conversion on or after 1 January 2000 except when demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Administration that such engine is an identical replacement to the engine which it is replacing and is otherwise not covered under paragraph 1.1.1 of this regulation."


Regulation 13.2.2 reads as follows:

"2.2 For a major conversion involving the replacement of a marine diesel engine with a non-identical marine diesel engine or the installation of an additional marine diesel engine, the standards in this regulation in force at the time of the replacement or addition of the engine shall apply."



In regulation the term "identical" (and hence, by application of the converse, in regulation 13.2.2 the term "non-identical") as applied to engines under regulation 13 is to be taken as:

An "identical engine" is, as compared to the engine being replaced1, an engine which is of the same:

design and model;

rated power;

rated speed;


number of cylinders;

fuel system type (including, if applicable, injection control software); and

    1. for engines without EIAPP certification, have the same NOx critical components and settings2; or

    2. for engines with EIAPP certification, belonging to the same Engine Group/Engine Family.

    Fuel system:

    1. Fuel pump model and injection timing

    2. Injection nozzle model

    Charge air:

    1. Configuration and, if applicable, turbocharger model and auxiliary blower specification

    2. Cooling medium (seawater/freshwater)

    1In those instances where the replaced engine will not be available to be directly compared with the replacing engine at the time of updating the Supplement to the IAPP Certificate reflecting that engine change it is to be ensured that the necessary records in respect of the replaced engine are available in order that it can be confirmed that the replacing engine represents "an identical engine".
    2For engines without EIAPP Certification there will not be the defining NOx critical component markings or setting values as usually given in the approved Technical File. Consequently in these instances the assessment of "... same NOx critical components and settings ..." shall be established on the basis that the following components and settings are the same:
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