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1366 SUPERSEDED Medical assistance at sea – yacht racing
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Medical assistance at sea – yacht racing


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Document MSC/Circ.1366 24-05-2010
Superseded by MSC.1/Circ.1413 25-05-2012

1366 Medical assistance at sea – yacht racing

Medical assistance at sea – yacht racing

  1. The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC), at its eighty-seventh session (12 to 21 May 2010), approved the attached Guidance on the issue of medical assistance at sea with respect to yacht racing. The guidance contains recommendations for the organization of medical assistance for offshore racing to ensure that the telemedical assistance service (TMAS) can provide the best possible telemedical assistance together with the MRCC in charge of a SAR operation.

  2. Member Governments are invited to bring the information to the attention of all parties concerned.


Offshore and oceanic yacht races

A race organizer when appropriate should, in addition to supplying relevant SAR authorities in advance of the event with details of a race including the dates, the course, the boats, their equipment and the crews, also supply:

  • to a telemedical assistance service (TMAS) or inform a TMAS that the organizers have available on demand the following information:

for each boat:

  • a list of medicines and medical equipment

  • details of any TMAS or private medical service arranged by the boat

for each crew member:

  • name and contact details of physician who certified the person fit for the race

  • name and contact details of the crew member's home physician

  • method for gaining quick access to medical records if necessary

  • details of first aid and medical training received.
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