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1199 - Interim Guidance On Compliance Of Ships Carrying Dry Cargoes In. Bulk With Requirements Of Solas Chapters Ii-1, Iii, Ix, Xi-1 And Xii
Geldigheid:31-05-2006 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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 Ref. T1/11.01                                                                                                          MSC.1/Circ.1199

31 May 2006



1          TheMaritimeSafetyCommittee,atitseighty-firstsession(10to19May2006),notedthat, on1July2006,withtheentryintoforceoftheamendmentstoSOLASchaptersII-1,IIIand XII, therewillbeadefinitionofbulkcarriercontained,orreferredto,intherevisedregulations II-1/2 and XII/1.1 differing fromthe existing definition contained in regulation IX/1.6.


2          Inthiscontext,theCommitteefurthernotedthatwhereastherevisedregulation II-1/2made reference   to   regulation   XII/1.1,   the   revised   regulation III/31   made   reference   to   SOLAS regulation IX/1.6,asfarasthedefinitionofbulkcarrierswasconcerned,forshipsconstructedonor after 1 July 2006, thereby creating a possible distinction between bulk carriers.


3          Inthiscontext,theCommitteeacknowledgedtheconcernthatthecomplianceofaship, which  was  not  certified  as  a  bulk  carrier  but  nevertheless  carries  cargoes  in  bulk,  with SOLAS chapter XII requirements, might be questioned by port State control officers.


4          Inviewoftheaforementionedpotentialproblems,theCommitteeagreed,untilanappropriate interpretation  of  the  definition  of  bulk  carrier  harmonizing  that  definition  is  accepted  by  the Committee,  to  reaffirm  that,  in  the  interim,  the  interpretation  and  application  of  appropriate SOLAS requirements are the responsibility of flag Administrations.


5          Member  Governments  are  invited  to  bring  this  guidance  to  the  attention  of  officials exercising port State control actions and other parties, as appropriate.


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