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1152 - Helicopter Facilities On Board Ships - Amendments To Annex 14 (Aerodromes), Volume Ii (Heliports), To The Convention On International Civil Aviation
Geldigheid:15-12-2004 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Ref. T4/3.01                                                                                                               MSC/Circ.1152

15 December 2004


1          TheMaritimeSafetyCommittee,atitsseventy-ninthsession(1to10December2004), noted   that   the   Council   of   the   International   Civil   Aviation   Organization   (ICAO),   on 27 February2004,  had  adopted  amendment  no.3  to  Annex  14  -  Aerodromes,  Volume  II  - Heliports,  to  the  Convention  on  International  Civil  Aviation.  The  ICAO  Council  prescribed 12 July2004asthedateonwhichtheamendmentwouldbecomeeffectiveandresolvedthatit wouldbeapplicablefrom25November2004.  Theamendmentalsocontainsaprovisionstating that the replacement of existinginstallations shall not be required before 1 January 2009.


2          The  Committee  noted  that  the  adopted  amendment  impacted  on  the  IMO  Code  for  the Construction  and  Equipment  of  Mobile  Offshore  Drilling  Units  (MODU  Code),  in  particular chapter  13  (Helicopter  facilities),  and  agreed  that  necessary  amendments  to  the  MODU  Code should be prepared.


3          The  Committee  noted  further  that  ICAO's  Air  Navigation  Commission  authorized  the ICAO  Secretariat  to  undertake  a  review  of  Annex  14,  Volume  II,  and  the  related  guidance material  in  the  Heliport  Manual.To  this  end,  a  Heliport  Design  Study  Group  (HDSG)  was established  in  2003.          The  group  will  additionally  consider  the  introduction  of  certification requirementsforheliportsandhelidecks.  Itisexpectedthatthegroupwillfinalizethereviewin 2006 with the preparation of a formal proposal for further amendments.


4          Member  Governments  are  invited  to  bring  the  above  information  to  the  attention  of shipping  companies,  shipowners,  ship  operators,  drilling  contractors  and  all  parties  concerned, pending finalization of appropriate amendments to the MODU Code.



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