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1148 Carriage Of Dangerous Goods
Geldigheid:15-12-2005 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Ref. T3/1.01                                                                                                               MSC/Circ.1148

15 December 2004



Issuing and renewal of document of compliance with the special requirements applicable to ships carrying dangerous goods




1          At  its  seventy-fifth  session  (15  to  24  May  2002),  the  Maritime  Safety  Committee considered  and  approved  a  standard  format  for  the  document  of  compliance  required  by regulation   II-2/19.4   of   the   1974   SOLAS   Convention,   as   amended,   applicable   as   from

1 July 2002.  This format is reproduced in circular MSC/Circ.1027.


2          Recognizing  the  need  to  take  into  account  the  amendments  to  table  19.3  of  SOLAS regulationII-2/19whichtheCommitteehadadoptedbyresolutionMSC.134(76),theMaritime Safety  Committee,  at  its  seventy-ninth  session  (1  to  10  December  2004),  decided  that  it  was necessarytohighlighttheprohibitiononstowageofclass5.2dangerousgoodsunderdeckorin enclosed  ro-ro  spaces  in  documents  of  compliance  required  by  regulation  II-2/19  of  the SOLASConvention,  as  amended,  for  any  ship  built  on  or  after  1 July 2004  when  issuing  or renewing the said documents.


3          Recognizing  also  that  this  prohibition  on  stowage  under  the  IMDG  Code  is  also applicabletoallshipsbuiltbefore1July2004andsubjecttoregulation II-2/19(orII-2/54)ofthe SOLAS  Convention,  asamended,  the  Committee  alsodecidedthattheprohibitiononstowage would have to be taken into account when renewing documents of compliance for:


.1         any passenger ship builton or after 1 September 1984 and before 1 July 2004;


.2         anycargoshipof500grosstonnageandabovebuiltonorafter1September1984

and before 1 July 2004; and


.3         anycargoshipoflessthan500grosstonnagebuiltonorafter1February1992

and before 1 July 2004.


4          In  addition,  at  the  same  session,  the  Committee  recalled  that  the  standard  document  of complianceformatsetoutincircularMSC/Circ.1027shouldbeusedwhenrenewingdocuments of  ships  subject  to  SOLAS  regulation  II-2/54  applicable  before  1  July  2002,  and  that  in  such casesthereferencestoregulationsII-2/19andII-2/19.4appearinginthestandardformatshould be replaced by references to regulations II-2/54 and II-2/54.3,respectively.


5          Member  Governments  are  invited  to  draw  this  circular  to  the  attention  of  authorities responsibleforissuingandrenewingdocumentsofcompliance,bodiesactingonbehalfofthese governments,  and  shipowners,  ship  operators  and  masters,  with  a  view  to  harmonizing  the practices of the various administrations.




6          MemberGovernmentsarealsoinvitedtodrawthiscirculartotheattentionofauthorities taskedbytheportStatewithcarryingoutinspectionsofships,andtorecommendthemtotake the above into account when discharging their responsibilities.


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