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1142 - Marking The Ship'S Plans, Manuals And Other Documents With The Imo Ship Identification Number
Geldigheid:20-12-2004 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Ref. T1/14                                                                                                                  MSC/Circ.1142

MEPC/Circ.425                                                                                                                                    20 December 2004 


1          The  Marine  Environment  Protection  Committee,  at  its  fifty-second  session,  and  the Maritime  Safety  Committee,  at  its  seventy-ninth  session,  having  identified  the  benefits  of markingships'plans,manualsandotherdocumentswiththeIMOshipidentificationnumberfor maritime   safety   and   security,   and   marine   environment   protection   purposes,   since   the IMO numberonships'planscouldalsobeofassistance  for  identifyingthat  such  information, whichisrequiredtobeonboardtheship,relatestotheshipinquestionandfortheconductof investigative  measures,  approved  the  marking  the  ship's plans,  manuals  and  other  documents with the IMO ship identification number, as set out in the annex.


2          MemberGovernmentsareinvitedtoimplementthemarkingasfaraspracticableandto bring it to the attention of all parties concerned.







1          A  large  number  of  plans,  manuals  and  other  documents  are  required  to  be  carried  on board ships.


2          The   IMO   Ship   Identification   Number   Scheme   adopted   by   the   Organization   by resolution A.600(15) has been made mandatory through SOLAS regulation XI-1/3.


3          Allplans,manualsandotherdocumentsrequiredbythevariousIMOconventionstobe carriedonboardshipsconstructedonorafter1July2005shouldbemarkedwiththeIMOship identification number in a clearly legible and unambiguous manner.


4          The  originator  of  such  plans,  manuals  and  other  documents  should  ensure  that  the IMO ship  identification  number  is  marked  on  them  prior  to  submission  for  approval  by  an Administration or a recognized organization acting on its behalf.



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