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1189 - Interim Scheme For The Compliance Of Special Purpose Ships With The Special Measures To Enhance Maritime Security
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Ref. T2-MSS/2.11.1                                                                                                MSC.1/Circ.1189

30 May 2006




1          The    Maritime     Safety     Committee     (the    Committee),     at    its    eighty-first      session (10 to 19 May 2006),  noted  that  in  a  number  of  cases  special  purpose  ships,  as  defined  in  the Code  of  safety  for  special  purpose  ships1 ,  of  500  gross  tonnage  and  upwards  engaged  on internationalvoyageswerenotrequiredtocomplywiththeprovisionsofSOLASchapterXI-2 and part A of the ISPS Code.


2          TheCommitteeagreedthatspecialpurposeships,otherthanthoseownedoroperatedby a  SOLAS  Contracting  Government  and  used  only  on  Government  non-commercial  service, of 500grosstonnageandupwardsengagedoninternationalvoyagesandtheportfacilitieswhich they  serve  them  shall  be  required  to  comply  with  the  provisions  of  SOLAS  chapter  XI-2  and part A of the ISPS Code.


3          TheCommitteerecognizedthatimmediatecomplianceofthespecialpurposeshipswhich hadnotbeenrequiredtocomplywiththeprovisionsofSOLASchapterXI-2andpartAofthe ISPSCodewouldpresentpracticaldifficultiesandwouldaffecttheownersandtheCompanies operatingsuchshipsandtheportfacilitiesservingthem.AsaresulttheCommitteeadoptedthe Interim  Scheme  for  the  compliance  of  special  purpose  ships  with  the  Special  measures  to enhance maritime security (the Interim Scheme) as set out at annex.


4          TheCommitteealsoagreedthatthespecialpurposeshipsshallbesubjecttoControland compliancemeasurespursuanttotheprovisionsofSOLASregulationXI-2/9andtheterm “ship” in the aforesaid regulation shall be construed as including also special purpose ships.


5          SOLASContractingGovernmentsareinvitedtobringtheInterim Schemetotheattention ofownersandofCompaniesoperatingspecialpurposeshipsentitledtoflytheirflagaswellasto the  attention  of  Designated  Authorities,  port  facility  owners  and  operators  and  port  facility securityofficersandtorequestthelattertorespondpositivelywhenspecialpurposeshipsrequest the conclusion of a Declaration of Security.


6          SOLAS  Contracting  Governments,  international  organizations  and  non-governmental organizationswithconsultativestatus whichencounterdifficultieswiththeimplementationof the Interim  Scheme  should  bring,  at  the  earliest  opportunity,  the  matter  to  the  attention  of  the Committee for consideration of actions to be taken.








1          AdoptedbyresolutionA.534(13)asamendedbyMSCcirculars446,478and739andresolutionMSC.183(79). MSC/Circ.739includednewamendmentstotheSPSCodeandconsolidatestheonesadoptedundercoverof

MSC circulars 446and 478.



(adopted on 19 May 2006)




The Maritime Safety Committee decided that:


1          For the purpose of this Scheme:


.1         “Gross  tonnage”  means  the  gross  tonnage  of  the  ship  as  determined  under  the provisionsoftheInternationalConventionontheTonnageMeasurementofShips, 1969 and shown on the International TonnageCertificate (1969) of the ship;


.2         “Requirements”meanstherequirementsofSOLASchapterXI-2andpartAofthe ISPS Code, taking into account the guidance given in part B of the ISPS Code;


.3         “Specialpurposeship”meansaspecialpurposeshipasdefinedintheSPSCode, irrespective  of  the  date  on  which  the  keel  of  the  ship  was  laid,  of  500  gross tonnage  and  upwards  engaged  on  international  voyage  which  has  not  been required by the Administration to comply with the Requirements; and


.4         “SPS  Code”  means  the  Code  of  Safety  for  Special  Purpose  Ships  which  is annexed to resolution A.534(13) as amended1.


2          TermsnototherwisedefinedinthisSchemeshallhavethesamemeaningasthemeaning attributed to themin SOLAS chapters I and XI-2 or the ISPS Code.


3          Special  purpose  ships,  other  than  those  owned  or  operated  by  a  SOLAS  Contracting Government(ContractingGovernment)andusedonlyonGovernmentnon-commercialservice and  Companies  operating  such  ships  which  have  not  been  required  to  comply  with  the Requirements shall comply with the Requirements by not later than 1 July 2008.


4          Until   30   June   2008,   special   purpose   ships  not   complying   with   the   Requirements whilst within   a   port   facility   which   is   required   to   comply   with   the   Requirements   shall acknowledge   the measures   to   enhance   maritime   security   established   by   the   Contracting Governmentwithinwhose territorytheportfacilityislocatedand,irrespectiveoftheprovisions ofSOLASregulation  XI-2/10.32  (relatingtothesubmissionoftheDeclarationofSecurity)   and sections  A/5.1  and  A/5.2  of  the  ISPS  Code,  shall  request  a  Declaration  of  Security3  as from1 October2006.ContractingGovernmentsareurgedtofacilitatesuchrequestsandtoissue appropriateguidanceonthisSchemetoportfacilitieslocatedwithintheirterritories.Iftheport facility  security  officer  refuses  the  request  of  the  ship  for  a  Declaration  of  Security  then  the specialpurposeshipshallusetheDeclarationofSecurity4  torecordthesecuritymeasuresthatit hastakenandshallcompleteandsign,onbehalfoftheshipalone,theDeclarationofSecurity.If the  special  purpose  ship  does  not  have  a  designated  ship  security  officer,  the  Declaration  of Security shall be concluded by the master.


5          IfanAdministrationhasissuedtoaspecialpurposeshipentitledtoflyitsflagastatement attestingthattheshipisnotrequiredtocomplywiththeRequirements,thatstatementshallbe withdrawnandcancelled.AnAdministrationmayissuetoaspecialpurposeshipentitledtofly

itsflag,whichitdidnotrequiretocomplywiththeRequirements,astatementattestingthatthe ship is subject to the provisions ofthis Scheme.


6          Without  prejudice  to  the  provisions  of  SOLAS  regulation  XI-2/2.2  to  XI-2/2.2.1,  port facilities  which  have  not  been  required  by  the  Contracting  Government  within  whose  territory theyarelocatedtocomplywiththeRequirementsbecausetheyservespecialpurposeshipsshall comply with the Requirements not later than 1 July 2008.


7          Specialpurposeshipswhich,onthedateofadoptionofthisScheme,wereholdingeither avalidInternationaloravalidInterimInternationalShipSecurityCertificateshallnotbeentitled to  any  benefits  under  this  Scheme  and  shall  maintain  compliance  with  the  Requirements.  In addition,  port  facilities  serving  special  purpose  ships  which  on  the  date  of  adoption  of  this Scheme  were  implementing  security  measures  in  accordance  with  an  approved  port  facility security  plan  shall  not  be  entitled  to  any  benefits  under  this  Scheme  and  shall  maintain compliance with the Requirements.


8          ContractingGovernmentswhenexercisingcontrolandcompliancemeasurespursuantto theprovisionsofSOLASregulationXI-2/9inrelationtospecialpurpose shipsshalladheretothe provisions of this Scheme5.   




9          Contracting   Governments   may,   when   implementing   this   Scheme,   conclude   written bilateralormultilateralagreementswithotherContractingGovernmentsonalternativesecurity agreementscoveringspecialpurposeshipsoperatingonshortinternationalvoyagesbetweenport facilitieslocatedwithintheirterritories.   Anysuchagreementshallnotcompromisethelevelof security of other ships or of port facilities not covered by the agreement.


10        This Scheme shall cease to apply on 1 July 2008






1          AsamendedbyMSCcirculars446,478and739andresolutionMSC.183(79).MSC/Circ.739includednew amendments to the SPS Codeand consolidates theones adopted undercover ofMSCcirculars446 and 478.

2          ThisprovisionimpliesthatneithertheContractingGovernmentnortheportfacilityconcernedhavetherightto

declinetheconclusionofaDeclarationofSecuritywhenaspecialpurposeshipmakesarequesttothisendand that the ship isobligedtoconcludeonewhenit is requestedto do so.

3          ParagraphB/16.56.2oftheISPSCoderecommendsthattheportfacilitysecurityplan(PFSP)shouldestablish detailsoftheproceduresand securitymeasuresthe port facilityshouldapplywhenit isinterfacing witha shipto

whichthe ISPS Codedoesnot apply.

ParagraphB/16.57oftheISPSCoderecommendsthatthePFSPshouldestablishtheprocedurestobefollowed when  on  the  instructions  of  the  Contracting  Government  the  port  facility  security  officer  (PFSO)  requests  a DeclarationofSecurity orwhen aDeclarationof Security is requested by a ship.

If  the  approved  PFSP  already  includes  appropriate  provisions  to  this  end  then  those  security  measures  and procedures shouldbe applied unless the Contracting Governmentconcerneddecidesotherwise.IfthePFSP does not  contain  such  provisions,  then  the  PFSO  should  contact  the  authorities  who  approved  the  PFSP  and  the authorities responsible forthe exercise ofcontroland compliancemeasure pursuant toSOLASregulationXI-2/9 and seektheiradviceandguidance.

4          For  the  purposes  of  SOLAS  regulation  XI-2/9,  it  is  recommended  that  special  purpose  ships  to  which  this

SchemeappliesretaintheDeclarationsofSecurityforthelasttenportsofcall.  Theshipshouldstartretaining the Declarations of Security as from1October2006.

5         In  the  event  of  the  ship  being  refused  a  Declaration  of  Security,  Declarations  of  Security  which  have  been completedandsignedonbehalfoftheshipaloneshouldbeacceptedasbeingequallyvalidtoDeclarationsof

Security concluded between a shipand aport facility.


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