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553 Information on flashpoint and recommended fire-fighting media for chemicals to which neither the IBC nor the BCH Codes apply
Geldigheid:19-06-1991 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its fifty-ninth session, approved the information annexed on flashpoint and fire-fighting media for chemicals contained in chapter 18 of the IBC Code and chapter VII of the BCH Code.

2 As recognized in paragraph 18.2 of the IBC Code and paragraph VII.2 of the BCH Code, although the chemical products listed in the annex are not considered to come within the scope of the codes and are not covered by the carriage requirements of the codes, son safety precautions may be needed for their safe transportation.

3 It should be noted that the information on fire-extinguishing media given for the products listed in the annex do not constitute mandatory requirements. Member Governments are invited to take this information into consideration as a guide when prescribing appropriate safety requirements for the carriage of these products.



Product name(column a)

The product names may not be identical with the names given in previous issues of the codes (for explanation see Index of Chemicals). Flashpoint (column b)
The flashpoint determined by a closed-cup method is listed when available for chemicals having a flashpoint below 60&degC. Some flashpoints could only be found in the literature which had been determined by an open-cup method or by a method which was not specified. These fiashpoints are shown in brackets ( ). In general, a closed-cup determination will yield a figure lower than that obtained from an open-cup determination. NF means non-flammable. Fire-extinguishing media (column c)A: alcohol-resistant form B: regular foam, encompasses all foams that are not of an alcohol-resistant type, including fluoroprotein and aqueous-film-forming foam (AFFF) C: water-spray D: dry chemical No: no special media recommended Note: 1. The information given for fire-extinguishing media is only for guidance and does not constitute any mandatory requirement. 2. Where the media given is D + C, water should be applied to cool down the cargo, cargo tank and equipment to help prevent re-ignition after the use of dry chemical media to extinguish the fire.
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