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777 Indication of the assembly station in passenger ships
Geldigheid:12-12-1996 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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( SOLAS reg II-2/28-1, reg III/6 )

1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixty-seventh session (2 to 6 December 1996), noted that the 1995 SOLAS Conference on Ro-Ro Ferry Safety, having noted a relevant recommendation made by the Panel of Experts, agreed that, for easy understanding by passengers on ro-ro passenger ships in particular, the words "assembly station" should be used to indicate "muster stations". As a consequence, the words "assembly station" were used in SOLAS regulations II-2/28-1 "Escape routes" and III/6 "Communications - Public address systems on passenger ships", as adopted by the Conference.

2 The Committee recalled that, at its sixty-sixth session (28 May to 6 June 1996), it adopted (resolution MSC.47(66)) a new SOLAS chapter III whereby the words "muster station" were retained.

3 Having noted the above discrepancy, the Committee agreed that the following footnote should be added in connection with any reference to "Assembly stations" in the amended SOLAS Convention:
    "* "Assembly station" has the same meaning as "muster station"."
    4 The Committee further recommended that, for the purpose of assisting passengers on passenger ships to easily understand the issue, the words "assembly station" should be used on board as appropriate.

    5 Member Governments are requested to take necessary action in line with the provisions of this circular.
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