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888 - Preventing Falis At Corrugated Bulkheads In General Cargo Ships
Geldigheid:21-12-1998 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Ref. T1/3.02 MSC/Circ.888                                                                                     21 December 1998

1 The Maritime Safety Committee, at its sixty-fifth session, approved MSC/Circ.695 drawing the attention of Member Governments to the risk of falls of cargo handlers whilst working on cargo adjacent to corrugated bulkheads in the holds of general cargo ships.

2 The Committee, at its seventieth session (7 to 11 December 1998), being further aware of these dangers, agreed that further measures should be taken into consideration for general cargo ships for the protection of cargo handlers and other persons working in holds adjacent to corrugated bulkheads. A number of possible methods are set out in the annex. The list is not exhaustive and is not intended to preclude the development of other methods in new or existing ships.

3 As a further reminder, attention is drawn to the risks of injury to cargo handlers and to all personnel whilst working adjacent to corrugated bulkheads where those persons may fall (up to 15 metres or more), through openings produced between stowed cargo used as a working or access platform and the rear of the corrugations.

4 Care should be exercised in the welding of plates or other fittings to corrugated bulkheads, to avoid initiation of structural problems.

5 The provision of appropriate facilities to protect those who have to work adjacent to corrugated bulkheads in the holds of such ships should be considered during the design, construction, repair or working of general cargo ships.

6 Member Governments are invited to bring this circular to the attention of shipowners, ship designers, port authorities and stevedores.




Methods suggested to enhance the safety of personnel working in the vicinity of corrugated bulkheadsaspermanentfittings,principallyinnewgeneralcargoships,include:


1.         shortverticalplatesorbars*fittedhorizontallyacrosscorrugationsatintervalsintheheight

of such bulkheads, to prevent persons falling into the openings produced by the corrugations.Thismethodwillnotimpedetheremovalofresidueswhenspacesareused fortheloadingofdrybulkcargo;and


2.         horizontalplatesatintervalsacrosscorrugationstolimitthepotentialdistanceoffallsfrom cargo.














*          Infittingtheaboveplatesorbars,careshouldbetakentoavoidweldingasingleplateorbarto bothflangesofacorrugation,thussubjectingitasastruttoforcesimposedbythesqueezingand stretchingmovementsofthecorrugationunderload. Thiscouldbuckleorbreaktheplateorbar, andcouldalsoinitiatestructuralproblems(seeparagraph4ofthecircular). Toavoidthis,plates orbarsshouldbeweldedasseparatefree-endedcantileverstoeachcorrugationflange,asshown in the attached illustrative diagrams.     A separation of 150 mm between each two separate cantileversissuggested.




Illustrative diagrams





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