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640 Use of oil record book
Geldigheid:04-11-2008 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

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Interim guidance on the use of the oil record book concerning voluntary declaration of quantities retained on board in oily bilge water holding tanks and heating of oil residue (sludge)

  1. The Marine Environment Protection Committee, at its fifty-eighth session (6 to 10 October 2008), agreed that (MEPC 58/23, paragraphs 10.33 and 10.35):
    1. where a voluntary declaration of quantities "retained on board" in oily bilge water holding tanks is entered in the Oil Record Book, Part I, the entry should be made under Code (I) (Additional operational procedures and general remarks); and
    2. the heating of oil residue (sludge) as a method of reducing its volume by evaporation should be recorded in the Oil Record Book, Part I, under Code (C) (Collection, transfer and disposal of oil residues (sludge)), paragraph 12.4.
  2. The Committee agreed to disseminate the above information by means of an MEPC circular and to bring the circular to the attention of the FSI Sub-Committee to ensure alignment with port State control procedures.
  3. Member Governments are invited to communicate the above to their maritime Administrations, including port State control officers, industry organizations and other stakeholders to ensure uniform application of the aforementioned understandings.
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