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336(90) Regional reception facilities plan
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Adoption of measures aimed at enhancing the safety of passenger ships


RECALLING Article 28(b) of the Convention on the International Maritime Organization concerning the functions of the Committee,

EXPRESSING the desire to further enhance the safety of passengers and crews on board passenger ships in light of the loss of the Costa Concordia,

NOTING WITH APPRECIATION the initiative taken by the Secretary-General, calling on the Committee, as a matter of high priority, to review the current international measures and its work programme for matters dealing with passenger ship safety to evaluate whether new measures should be developed and implemented, aimed at enhancing safety of passenger ships, taking into account safety initiatives being undertaken by the cruise industry and the analysis of the relevant marine casualty investigation reports,

RECOGNIZING the urgency for the Organization to consider whether international measures, additional to those already agreed, are necessary to improve the safety of passenger ships,

RECOGNIZING FURTHER that urgent action should be taken on reviewing existing IMO instruments in order to evaluate, develop and implement measures aimed at enhancing the safety of passenger ships, taking into account, inter alia, recommendations stemming from the analysis of the marine casualty investigation report into the loss of the Costa Concordia,

HAVING CONSIDERED the information provided by the Government of Italy on the course of the investigation into the Costa Concordia incident, as well as preliminary proposals on enhancing the safety of passenger ships brought to the Committee's attention by the Government of Italy, other Member Governments and the Cruise Industry Operational Safety Review,

  1. REAFFIRMS the importance of the safety of passenger ships, their  passengers and crew on board;

  2. INVITES Member Governments to recommend that passenger ship companies conduct a review of operational safety measures with the aim to enhance the safety of passenger ships, taking into consideration the recommended interim measures of an operational character listed in the Recommended interim measures for passenger ship companies to enhance the safety of passenger ships (MSC.1/Circ.1446), on ships flying their flag, on a voluntary basis and with all possible urgency and efficiency;

  3. ENCOURAGES Member Governments and the passenger ship industry to take the necessary actions to ensure that their current safety standards, procedures and best management practices are fully and effectively implemented;

  4. REQUESTS Member Governments to bring this resolution to the attention of all stakeholders.
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