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873(20) Technical co-operation as a means to promote the acceptance and implementation of IMO instruments
Geldigheid:27-11-1997 t/m Status: Geldig vandaag

Dit onderwerp bevat de volgende rubrieken.

   RECOGNIZING that IMO was the first organization within the
United Nations system formally to accept and establish a Technical
Co-operation Committee,
   RECOGNIZING ALSO the continued commitment of Member States to
the objectives of the Organization as evidenced by their ratification
of most of the instruments adopted by IMO,
   RECOGNIZING FURTHER the continuous efforts to promote the world-
wide acceptance and implementation of the instruments of the
   RECALLING resolution A.500(XII), which states that
implementation of IMO instruments is a high priority item and that
all proposals for new conventions and or amendments to existing
conventions should only be entertained on the basis of a clear and
well documented demonstration of compelling need,
   BEING COGNIZANT that the proliferation of amendments to IMO
instruments and the adoption of new instruments could increase the
difficulties some Member States are facing in the implementation of
existing instruments, thus resulting in different levels of
implementation in different regions of the world,
   BEING AWARE that a substantial portion of the Organization's
regular budget is funded by developing countries,
   RECOGNIZING that technical co-operation is a two-way process and
that feedback from Member States on the results of any technical
assistance they receive can contribute significantly to the
effectiveness of technical co-operation,
   BEING DESIROUS of ensuring uniform global implementation of
existing IMO instruments by all Member States,
   ACKNOWLEDGING that the restructuring and strengthening of the
working arrangements of the Technical Co-operation Committee, with a
view to promoting sustainable and rapid development of maritime
administrations, will assist Member States,
   ACKNOWLEDGING FURTHER that, in conformity with resolution
A.100(IV), the Assembly shall decide on the use of any surplus in the
Printing Fund at the end of each financial period, and on the
successful application of resolution A.838(19) relating to the
transfer of funds from the surplus of the Printing Fund to the
Technical Co-operation Fund,
1.  REAFFIRMS that technical co-operation is an essential part of
the Organization's work to achieve the ratification and
implementation of IMO's global instruments;
2.  AUTHORIZES the Secretary-General to transfer, at the beginning
of each year from 1 January 2000, all surplus funds from the Printing
Fund to the Technical Co-operation Fund, unless otherwise directed by
the Assembly;
3.  REQUESTS all IMO Committees, in co-operation with the Technical
Co-operation Committee, to consider and adopt measures commensurate
with the appropriate technical assistance for the promotion of the
ratification and implementation of IMO instruments;
4.  REQUESTS FURTHER that the Technical Co-operation Committee
develop a mechanism to ensure a long-term and sustainable delivery of
the Integrated Technical Co-operation Programme (ITCP);
5.  INVITES Member States and organizations to continue, and if
possible increase, their appreciable financial and in-kind support
for the technical co-operation activities of the IMO;
6.  REQUESTS those Member States receiving technical assistance to
provide feedback to the Technical Co-operation Committee on the
effectiveness of the assistance in securing better implementation;
7.  APPROVES ALSO that the income arising from investments of the
Technical Co-operation Fund shall continue to be credited to the
Technical Co-operation Fund;
8.  REVOKES resolution A.838(19).
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