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IBC Code and IGF Code - Decisions and Interpretations
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1 Clarification requirements linings approved for use with acids (13-09)

IBC Code 2008

Clarification requirements linings approved for use with acids (13-09)
There is an ongoing discussion in the IMO Bulk Liquids and Gasses (BLG) subcommittee on the application of IACS UI CC6 on linings approved for use with acids. The Netherlands does not concur with the IACS UI and holds on to the requirements in the IBC Code (regulation 15.11.2). It was requested that manufacturers would deliver information on not be able to comply with the requirements, so this could be forwarded to the BLG subcommittee for further elaboration. Until IMO decides otherwise, the IBC Code should be applied.

2 IGF Code training

The manning legislation applicable to ships flying the flag of the Netherlands has been amended to reflect the entry into force of the IGF-Code. The Articles 39a and 39b were added to the Decree Seafarers as well as two articles; the articles 8.48 and 8.49, were added to the Regulation Seafarers. Furthermore one training course provider in the Netherlands issued a request for approval of the IGF training courses. After thorough examination the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate issued its approval to the basic and advanced IGF training courses. Both training courses were added to the list with approved training courses.

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