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Load Line exemptions
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Load line exemptions for dredgers (11-13)

The guidelines for the assignment of reduced freeboard for dredgers, DR-68 (IMO doc. LL.3/Circ.205) prescribes in article 12.3:

If the dredger meets the intact stability requirements of Section 6.1 of these Guidelines without hatch covers, then the ICLL Exemption certificate should also indicate that the dredger is exempted from Regulation 14 (unless this exemption is already noted on the vessel’s ICLL certificate).“

DR-67 and Richtlijn (Guideline) 28 do not specifically prescribe this obligation and in the past NSI has not always mentioned Regulation 14 in the Exemption Certificate.

However, the format of the Exemption Certificate as given in Annex III of the ICLL, clearly states that the articles/regulations for which an exemption is granted must be mentioned.

Consequently from now on with every renewal or extension of the validity of an ICLL Exemption Certificate, based on DR-67 or Richtlijn (Guideline) 28, the exemption from Regulation 14 (if applicable) must be mentioned.

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