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ItoS - SOLAS Chapter I - General Provisions
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Legend / Explanation of abbreviations:

  • COLREG: International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, 1972, as amended
  • FSS: International Code for Fire Safety Systems
  • IACS: International Association of Classification Societies
  • IMO: International Maritime Organisation
  • LSA: International Life-Saving Appliances Code
  • NSI: Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate
  • RO: Recognised Organisation
  • SOLAS: the International Convention for the Safety of ife at Sea, 1974, and its protocol of 1988: articles, annexes and certificates, as amended

Inspection equipment within HSSC intervals (09-15 and 11-03)

In general, for those individual service reports or certificates for components, subject to statutory or manufacturer requirements, prescribing that these documents shall only be issued with a validity of maximum 12 months (or other fixed period of time), the validity should not be allowed to expire.

In relation to SOLAS regulation III/20.8 and III/20.9, MSC/Circ.955 is not applicable to ships under the Dutch flag, while possibility for extension in accordance with SOLAS applies.

Reference is made to the IMO Resolution A.1140(31), SURVEY GUIDELINES UNDER THE HARMONIZED SYSTEM OF SURVEY AND CERTIFICATION (HSSC), as amended, Annex 1, where the survey guidelines, including items to be examined, are mentioned. When subjects are not mentioned in this Annex 1 or there is no clear indication that the inspections should be within the required time windows, the surveyor should verify whether the subject is to his satisfaction and that the certificate of examination, if applicable, is still valid.

With respect to SOLAS regulation III/3.25 (the requirements for maintenance, thorough examination, operational testing, overhaul and repair of lifeboats and rescue boats, launching appliances and release gear, in accordance with IMO Res.MSC.402(96)), reference is made to the Instruction to RO no. 09. The date of service should be within the window mentioned in IMO Resolution A.1140(31), as amended.

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