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Nr. 27 Marpol 73/78, annex VI
Geldigheid:12-04-1999 t/m 31-12-2004Status: Was geldig

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H.A, de Rooy

12 April 1999

Out Reference

Marpol73/78,annex VI
Statement of Compliance


As you may know Marpo173/78 Annex VI will require an International Air Pollution Prevention certificate (IAPP) and an Engine International Air Pollution Prevention certificate (EIAPP).
The entry into force date of Annex Vl is not known yet( target date 2003) but regulations 13 and 16 require ships built after 1 January 2000 to be equipped with installations which comply with the new standard as soon as Annex VI has entered into force.
Manufacturers of marine diesel engines are now already producing engines which are in compliance with regulation 13 and are applying for a Statement of Compliance as meant in MEPC/Cir.344.
I herewith advise you that your organisation is authorized to issue this statement on behalf of the Shipping Inspectorate.
After the entry into force of Annex VI your organisation is authorized to issue the EIAPP certificate, but the IAPP certificate will be issued by the Shipping Inspectorate.

Regarding to the type approval of incinerators I advise you that as Iong as this equipment is hot listed in A1 of 96/98/EC directive, type approvals of your organisation will be recognized by the Shipping Inspectorate.

Yours sincerely,

on behalf,
Head Policy Support and Advice

P.D. Langebaerd
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