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Nr. 20 Spare charges for fire extinguishers
Geldigheid:03-02-1987 t/m 31-12-2004Status: Was geldig

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Spare charges for portable and non-portable fire extinghuisers

The Head of the Shipping Inspectorate,

Considering the requirements of Reg. 6.2 of Appendix IV of the Netherlands' Shipping Order 1965;

Hereby orders:

1. A spare charge is all the material required to put a rite extinghuiser in the original condition, ready for use. For fire extinghuisers which can hot be refilled on board a spare charge is a complete extinghuiser, ready for use.

2. Fire extinghuisers of a certain make and type shall only be refilled using spare charges of this make and type.

3. For every portable fire extinghuiser on board there shall be at least one spare charge on board. However, if more portable fire extinghuisers of the sarne make and type and capacity (identical extinghuisers) are placed on board, the following applies:

3.1 For the first three identical extinghuisers at least 100% spare charges shall be provided;

3.2 For the next, with a maximum of six, extinghuisers, at least 50% spare charges shall be provided on board, where numbers which would lead to a broken number may be rounded off to the nearest lower number.

4. For one or more non-portable idemical fire extinghuisers which can be recharged on board, at least one spare charge shall be provided.

5. Non-portable fire extinghuisers which can not be recharged on board shall, after use, in the first port where this is possible, be recharged or be replaced by an identical or equivalent fire extinghuiser, ready for use.

Hereby revokes:

Notice to Shipping No. 37/1965 of September 3, 1965.

Rijswijk, February 3, 1987.

The Head of the Shipping Irtspectorate,
S. Keuning
Naar boven