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Nr. 15 Emergency towing arrangement
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H.A. de Rooy
21 November 1995
Ons kenmerk:
SI-22 .902195/SIKN
emergency towing arrangement

Dear Sirs,

As it may be well known to you resolution MSC. 35(63) "Guidelines for Emergency Towing Arrangements on Tankers" will enter into force on the 1st of January 1996.
The resolution is applicable to all tankers of not less than 20.000 tonnes deadweight. However, for tankers constructed before 1 January 1996 an emergency towing arrangement in compliance with the said resolution, shall be fitted at the first scheduled dry-docking after this date but not later than 1 January 1999.

In accordance with the said resolution the towing arrangement shall be approved by the Administration. This means for ships registered in the Kingdom of the Netherlands by the Head of the Shipping Inspection (NSI).
The Shlpplng Inspectlon considers the emergency towing arrangement as a construction item. As the survey of construction items has been delegated by Shipping Inspection to the classification societies the same will apply for the emergency towing arrangement.

Herewith you are authorized to approve the emergency towing arrangement fitted in chips classed with your society. In assessing the arrangement the societies shall follow the guidelines of resolution MSC.35 (63). "If an arrangement submitted for approval is of a design not completely in accordance with the basic requirements of the resolution, NSI shall be consulted.

The operational tests of the emergency towing arrangement in newbuildings shall be witnessed by a NSI surveyor. The same applies to existing tankers if the arrangement is fitted during a docking survey for renewal of the safety certificate.

Please advise your surveyors accordingly.

Yours truly,

Head Shipping Inspection,
on behalf,
Head, Merchant Shipping Department

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