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Nr. 05 Inspection items
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H.A. de Rooy
3 November 1993
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Inspection Items

Dear Sire,

Further to the annual meetin between Shipping inspection and classification societies, held on the 29th of September 1993, I wish to call to your attention the following matters.

Inspection of shipborne navigational equipment.As result of the GHDSS amendments of SOLAS '74 the inspection of the shipborne navigational equipment (radar, Arpa and radio directionfinder) is now part of the safety equipment survey, I have been informed that classification societies are usually delegating the inspection of the radio-installation for renewal of the Safety Radio certificate to specialized firms. It is unlikely that these specialized firms are called in for assistance during a safety equipment survey to inspect the abovementioned navigational equipment. Consequently the classification surveyor himself shall inspect this equipment as part of his safety equipment survey. It might be superfluous but I request you to bring this to the attention of your surveyors.

Reports of inspection
As mentioned in "NSI guidelines for inspection and certification of classed vessels" inspection for-renewal of Safety Equipment and Safety Radio certificates is delegated to classification societies in some cases. After receipt of the inspection report Shippin Inspection is issueing a new certificate. However, the information in the reports is sometimes not sufficient for drawing up the Record of Equipment, now being part of the certificate.

Anniversary date
In the HSSC system the anniversary date plays an important roleas well as the 5 year validity of the certificates.

This period shall coincide with the period of validity of the ship's class certificates. In some cases the period of vslidity of the class certificates is limited te 4 years. This might be the case with older ships. It is obvious that in that situation the validity of the HSSC certificates will be limited te the period of the class certificates. In the present rules of (some) classification societies the validity of the cargo gear certificates is 4 year. For obvious reasons it would be preferable te have the same survey cyclus for all equipment en board, but I am aware that there might be valid reasons te maintain the 4 years validity period for the cargo gear.

In establishing the anniversary date for existing ships it is important to take into consideration all the relevant matters such as dry docking dates, special survey, cargo gear and validity of international certificates. Ceoperation of all parties concerned (owner, class and NSI) is required te establish a convenient anniversary date.

I herewith request your cooperation to improve the abovementioned matters.

Yours truly,

on his behalf,

P.C. Klaassen
Naar boven