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ItoRo no. 02 - Authorisation for non-convention surveys based on art 3.7 of the agreement
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No. 2 - Authorisation for non-convention surveys based on art 3.7 of the agreement

By agreement of June 1st  2006 the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate has permanently authorized the recognized organizations (RO's) that are party to this agreement to carry out certain surveys and issue certain certificates (see annex I to the agreement and the appendix for a complete list) based on the International Conventions. 

As from June 1st 2006 in addition to the agreement mentioned above and under article 3.7 of the agreement, the NSI had already permanently authorized the Recognized Organisations to perform several non-convention surveys concerning radio installations, safety equipment, loadline, pollution prevention, and declarations.

For initial surveys and for renewal surveys which start as from the date of July 1st 2010, the recognized organisations are also authorised to issue the National Safety Certificate, on behalf of the Netherlands  after satisfactory completion of the relevant surveys.

Additional instructions with regard to this authorisation for non-convention vessels are available on our website www.ivw.nl. These instructions will be updated regularly in close cooperation with the recognized organisations Netherlands’ branch offices.

The recognized organisations are kindly invited to assign a suitable newbuildingvessel in the Netherlands as a pilotproject. This project will be dealt with by both RO as well as NSI at the same time. Thus arranging for mutual transfer of knowledge and identification of “grey areas” in the current instructions.

For newbuilding ships constructed, i.e. the keels of which are laid or which are at a similar stage of construction, before the first of July 2009, the old “Ships Decree 1965” is applicable. For vessels that change to Netherlands’ Flag and Major Conversions the date of registration of the application in NSI’s Application and Planning System is leading. In such cases that this date is before 1st of July 2009, the old “Ships Decree 1965” is applicable. For sistervessels, for which the building contract is placed before 1st of July 2010 and first vessel is also built in accordance with “Schepenbesluit 1965”, the same regime may be applied. Certification based on “Schepenbesluit 1965”will be partly dealt with by NSI.

Under special circumstances NSI may decide to deviate from the above. However such a request shall be endorsed by yard, recognized organisation and (future) owner(s) of the vessel. 

In case of newbuilding, change to Netherlands’ Flag or major conversion, the shipowner or shipyard may decide to follow the old procedures where NSI is still involved, for those ships for which an application was submitted to NSI between the 1st of July 2010 and 1st of October 2010.

In general an evaluation of the Ships decree will take place and may be lead to future amendments of this instruction.

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